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Tracking curtains are your standard home curtains. These curtains are connected to a track which isĀ invisible when curtains are closed. Tracks are operated by a cord-drawn system where they areĀ controlled by a cord on either side of the curtain and can be adjusted between open and closed by pulling the cord. Tracks can also be operated by a hand traverse track, which is a simple pull open and shut method. Tracking curtains are available in the following style headings:

Pinch Pleat

This heading creates a timeless elegant look. The pleats are usually in groups of three and create neat, clean folds.


Pencil Pleat

The pencil pleat curtain heading gives a neat simple style to your window and will suit both formal and informal areas. Pencil pleats work equally well with tracks or poles.


Reverse Pleat

When closed, this curtain heading creates a sophisticated, tailored effect, suitable for both modern and traditional styles. It is best suited to curtain rods where the curtain hangs underneath the rod.

reverse pleat


The heading gives a contemporary elegance to your windows. The curtain falls in smooth waves and is ideal for lightweight and sheer fabrics.



The eyelet heading is a modern style that creates a soft curving fold.


Available in all of our best fabrics, tracking curtains are a simple but effective way to furnish your home.